Thursday, February 19, 2009

The man who started it all....Rick Santelli.

The silent majority starts fighting back here.

Update: Rick was on Kudlow tonight and said there definately will be a Tea Party in Chicago in July. Check back here for updates......


  1. Wooooo! Let's all rock out to a corporate media-planned "revolt".... CNBC anchors are such rebels against the power structure.

  2. I googled Chicago Tea Party, and the Santelli links came up on the first page. Search termed Chicago Tea Party under MSN search and it didn't come up on page 1, 2 or beyond. Either everybody's off today at MSN, or they are censoring this news. Cherish your rights--exercise your rights--now, while you still have them...

  3. he's pointing at traders and saying "This is America." That just makes me sick. WALL STREET IS NOT AMERICA. You people seriously want to join a banker-led "revolt" against bailing out homeowners? After everything our government has down, now you finally want a revolution because some poor people who are facing foreclosure BECAUSE THEY WERE LIED TO BY THEIR BANKS might get bailed out by the government? Christ....

  4. Give me proof the banks lied to people. I am not saying this is across the board, but I use to work at a bank, and I know that 1 out of 2 people who came in for a loan knew they could not afford it. I sat there, looked them in the eyes and said, "how are you going to afford this?" Answer: "I don't know." And took it anyways. Why did we give it to them--the government made us.

  5. IT'S HAPPENING! rick tonight on cnbc reports:

  6. I started a Facebook cause supporting Rick, it can be found at

  7. When did it become acceptable to run up your credit, then decide the rest of America owes it to you to bail you out.

    It's incomprehensible that people call into a nationally televised broadcast looking for support to stop making their mortgage payment because the house they bought is now upside down $50,000, $100,000 or more. Then in the next breath they claim they earn over $250,000 yeary.

    The number of people blaming the real estate agent, the mortgage broker, the banker rather than blaming themselves is mind boggling. How did s many people that could not read happen to sign off on loans?

    This country is going right down the toilet, and the job you lost is due the your neighbor(s) walking away.

    Rick is dead on!

  8. Bailing out financial criminals who deliberately crashed the economy? No big deal. Preventing desperate families from ending up on the street? THAT'S GOING TOO FAR!!!!

  9. It's not about any of that--it is about people who did the right thing and were responsible having to pay for those who were irresponsible. But keep listening to the messiah and wage your class warfare so we can all be socialist, communist, fascist--because they are all the same.

  10. Basically, the NWO deliberately crashes the economy to kill as many people as possible. People are now out of jobs because of this, and banks were deliberately deceptive about mortgage terms. We're blaming the victims of fascism for being "irresponsible." CNBC is bankster-run fascist propaganda.

  11. I recommend everyone here watch the excellent documentary "The Money Masters" to understand how and why the current Depression is happening. It is available on google videos in complete form, and is probably the most relevant and well-researched documentary I've ever seen. A hint: the crash is not happening because of "irresponsible" people falling behind on their mortgage payments.

  12. Yes, The Money Masters is a great film. It was released in 1995 and was very prescient regarding our current crisis.

    A summary (the original wikipedia article was deleted):

    Here is a link to the video if anyone wants to watch:

  13. Can anyone that believes that this was all corporate America's fault, etc., tell me why, I and the rest of my family, who has also lost a lot, but did not go beyond our means, now have to take the little we have left and pay for people who went beyond their means. Will you people, since you seem not to care they are taking your money, give me money for free so I can make up the money I have lost in the market?

    Further, can you produce one shred of evidence--one tangible document and post it here, that everyone we are going to bail out did not act irresponsibly?

    Also, produce one shred of evidence that these "bailouts" work, because GM is coming back for more, and they got a huge bailout. Can someone please tell me why the Government told big banks to take the money--let me rephrase made them take the money--and buy smaller banks and then haul these people into Congress and treat them like criminals.

    See, what cracks me up is you can't. You cannot tell me why it is fair for people who do not have a problem to pay for those who do. You cannot tell me why people who have worked hard for their money just to have it taken away by BO is fair.

    And, you want to make generalized statements that everyone in the banking industry, etc. is corrupt and yet tell me that no one who is in a foreclosure mess is to blame at all. At least I can say--yes, some financial institutions were also responsible, but not all of them. I don't want to bail them out, and I don't want to bail out the other people. Our economy is sinking because of policies like these.

    Someone who thinks BO is doing the good thing tell me why? Tell me why it is fair? Tell me why its fair I am being punished? Tell me why, now that I have worked hard for my success I am an oppressor to those who did not or would not? Tell me why I am a coward as the AG pointed out? Tell me why only "white needs to do what is right?" Tell me why I, but no one else has to sacrifice? Tell me why I should just be happy my kids are going to paying this off? Tell my why my President thinks its okay to put tax cheats in his cabinet and I should not be upset? Tell me why I should believe what he says when he lied about bipartisanship? Tell me why I should be happy that not one person in the government read the spendulous bill before voting for it? And tell me why I should bow down, grab my ankles and capitulate to lord Obama?

  14. So Anonymous thinks CBOT/CME traders are banks !

    What a riot! Maybe we should have literacy tests for voters.......

  15. And just an add on to my above comment, why do none of you talk about George Soros? I mean, talk about money masters--he wrecked a whole economy before--I don't know, does that whole scenario sound familiar.

  16. Rick Santelli is correct. We are using taxpayer money to bail out people who make poor decisions. Not all the people made poor decisions, but a vast majority them did. I am 60 years old. I paid for my home, and did not borrow against it. I have always driven used automobiles. I keep my credit cards paid off. My plan was to retire at age 62, but I lost ~$200,000 in the market last quarter, so I will just have to keep working. The company I work for has filed Chapter 11, so I may be unemployed one day. It will not be the first time I have been unemployed and it is not the first time I have lost money in the market. Life is not fair.
    Years ago, an old man who lived through the 1930's told me to always have a back up plan should misfortune happen. If nothing goes wrong, then you have been lucky. If things go wrong, then you are prepared.
    I do not feel any responsibility or obligation to help others pay their debts. I am sure no one is going to replace what I have lost in the market.

    Who is John Galt?

  17. When did it become acceptable to run up your credit, then decide the rest of America owes it to you to bail you out.

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