Monday, February 23, 2009

Santelli's Head Spins on Bank Stress Tests

Getting grilled by his colleagues again on CNBC.

***When watching videos on the CNBC website, you often need to click refresh to get the video to show on your browser.***

Friday, February 20, 2009

The White House Rebukes Santelli

What would you expect a Socialist administration to say?

And Ricks Response to the White House here.

Rick rips the White House a new one on Kudlow tonight. Beautiful.

Rick Sounds off...again.

You can find it here and here.

A little more measured today....bummer.

Picks it up a little here in a debate with a Democratic strategist on Kudlow.

And it was three against one this morning on the TODAY show.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

HT: The picture above is from The Market Ticker

We, America, are at a crossroads. The old way of getting ahead, through massive credit and unsustainable leveraging, is over. Period. Money was too easy to get. The problem is, we are now in denial. The market needs to adjust. Prices are too high. Demand is low. We had a boom, and now we (should) have a bust. This is the way free markets operate. Is it painful? Yes. Is it necessary? Yes.

We are at a crossroads. Why? Because we feel entitled to the prosperity we had in the past. It has been so long since we had a real recession, so long since we had to fight for our well being, so long since we have had to regroup and re-invent ourselves. Our standard of living is going to go down for some time. Period. People are going to lose their jobs. Businesses are going to fail. Some cities and counties, possibly even states (hello CA) are going to fail. Are we going to recover? We always have. Does that guarantee future success? No. Has every other great power on the history of the planet eventually failed? Yes. Does that mean it has to happen to the US now? No.

Great powers fail from within. What we are doing now, in the name of “compassion”, in the name of “fairness”, is changing what made America great. What we are doing now is stealing from our children and our children’s children. What we are doing is saying Capitalism doesn’t work, the government knows better. What we are saying is that “We are all Socialists now”.

Really? We are ALL Socialists now?

There are no free lunches!

Capitalism works. It is often painful, many times ugly, but it always works.

Socialism is always painful, always ugly, and it never works.

Let Capitalism work!

Rick's still on fire. Someone has to fight for this.

Part 2 here.

Watch the original post below first.


"$850 Billion, 1588 pages, and counting... somebody needs to read it

Ricks Party

If you know of any other Chicago Tea Party blogs or websites that start up, please comment here.

The man who started it all....Rick Santelli.

The silent majority starts fighting back here.

Update: Rick was on Kudlow tonight and said there definately will be a Tea Party in Chicago in July. Check back here for updates......