Thursday, February 19, 2009

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We, America, are at a crossroads. The old way of getting ahead, through massive credit and unsustainable leveraging, is over. Period. Money was too easy to get. The problem is, we are now in denial. The market needs to adjust. Prices are too high. Demand is low. We had a boom, and now we (should) have a bust. This is the way free markets operate. Is it painful? Yes. Is it necessary? Yes.

We are at a crossroads. Why? Because we feel entitled to the prosperity we had in the past. It has been so long since we had a real recession, so long since we had to fight for our well being, so long since we have had to regroup and re-invent ourselves. Our standard of living is going to go down for some time. Period. People are going to lose their jobs. Businesses are going to fail. Some cities and counties, possibly even states (hello CA) are going to fail. Are we going to recover? We always have. Does that guarantee future success? No. Has every other great power on the history of the planet eventually failed? Yes. Does that mean it has to happen to the US now? No.

Great powers fail from within. What we are doing now, in the name of “compassion”, in the name of “fairness”, is changing what made America great. What we are doing now is stealing from our children and our children’s children. What we are doing is saying Capitalism doesn’t work, the government knows better. What we are saying is that “We are all Socialists now”.

Really? We are ALL Socialists now?

There are no free lunches!

Capitalism works. It is often painful, many times ugly, but it always works.

Socialism is always painful, always ugly, and it never works.

Let Capitalism work!


  1. There's already a blog for this? This is why I love America.

  2. I will be there with bells on. Is this thing a go, or what?

  3. OK. I'm there. I live in NY, but I'll show up in Chicago any time. OK, Rick, time to make good on your threat, call the date and I'm there with every able bodied man, woman or child i can round up.

    Also, Kudos to the person who set up this blog in record-fast time. If enough people get behind Santelli on this he'll HAVE to give us a date for this thing.

  4. Anyone know an email for Rick? I didn't see one on the cnbc website.

  5. If you support this send in your mortgage payment 7 to 10 days late.

  6. Wacker and Monroe is our Lexington and Concord!

  7. He said on Kudlow tonight he's definitely doing a tea party this summer--and Kudlow says he'll come too.

  8. just say when.

    plane, train, car, motorcycle: i have NUMEROUS transports.

    IF every frickin hotel room in the city is booked, THEN i can crash with some friends for a (highly boozy) nite or two.

  9. I'm there. Let's turn this thing around.


  10. It's on like Donkey Kong!

  11. Thank GOD there is someone that actually still agrees with Capitalism!!! Let's tell the a$$holes in Washington to stop wasting our money, and if they do not, then we start over again, get rid of them all and start over!!!

  12. and see if we can get someone **ON AIR** to ask for obama's birth certificate...

    doubt i can be there, i live in oregon (and still have my job), but we should start a non-profit charity fund for those of us who can't go (like me) but could put some change in the unemployed who got hosed. Not all of those home owners are losers, just made a really bad choice. but the mortgage (morgate?) companies who enronized our housing get NO sympathy.

  13. I like your poll at the top of the page, "Would you go to Chicago to attend the Tea Party?" But, I think since not everyone is able to attend but would like to, a better deal would be if someone told the people, "Every American in favor of a tea party, please step onto your sidewalk at 8pm on such and such date". People need to get away from the television and onto the streets.

  14. The underlying message that people who join these blogs have in common: "WE NEED A LEADER". Nobody wants to go first; everybody is willing to follow. The problem is that our "alpha dog" was probably aborted.

  15. For those that insist that Socialism is innately evil....

    Did you take a shower or use the toilet? Is your house hooked up to the city's water and sewage systems? Then you're a Socialist.

    Did you drive to work today? On a public road? Then you're a Socialist.

    Did you fly to work? Was your flight made safer by Air Traffic Control? Then you're a Socialist.

    Did you walk in public at night over the past year? Did you use street lights to see what was going on around you because the sun wasn't around? Then you're a Socialist.

    Did you leave your house today? Did you feel like you didn't have to fear being accosted by criminals because we have police? Then you're a Socialist.

    Do you live a life without worry of this country being invaded because we maintain a military? Then you're a Socialist.

    Have you ever attended a public school in America, or benefited from the education of someone who has? Then you're a Socialist.

    Are you on the Internet right now, using a system that was developed by contributions from the American taxpayer in order to provide us with effective communication in the event that a major population center was destroyed? Then you're a Socialist.

    The fact is that the most effective countries in this world mix Socialism and Capitalism in order to create a society where critical expenses of the civilization are paid for and can be taken for granted, so that the nobler and more specific expenses of individual prosperity can be accomplished by private interests. Of these balances between the Commons and the Companies that are abroad in the world, America has one of the best.

    Both extremes of Capitalism and Socialism have proven to be toxic. We must, and we do, balance the virtues of both systems in a compromise that demonstrates precisely why our country is great.

  16. I will be there with bells on. Is this thing a go, or what?

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